19-Year-Old Nigerian And Popular Black Lives Protester, Oluwatoyin Salau Murdered In The US

A black lives matter protester has been found dead in Florida along tweeting that she had been sexually violated before she went missing for days.

Oluwatoyin Salau, a 19-year-old Nigerian, has been discovered dead days after tweeting that a man who offered her a ride to church, had attacked her in Tallahassee; a city in Florida in the US.

Salau’s body was discovered near 75-year-old Victoria Sims, police said. Both names were released with the permission of their families in accordance with Marsy’s Law. Their deaths are being investigated as homicides.

She was most recently seen on June 6, 2020, at an exhibition in the Tallahassee precinct, as per police department report.

There are many gaps to fill in surrounding the murders of Oluwatoyin Salau and Victoria Sims beginning on June 6 with the Salau’s disappearance.

Salau shares a series of tweets Saturday afternoon accusing a man of molesting her at his home earlier in the morning.

“At any rate, I was attacked in Tallahassee, Florida by a dark man at the beginning of today at 5:30 on Richview and Park Ave. The man offered to give me a ride to discover somewhere to res and recall my assets from a congregation I refuged to a few days back to get away from shameful to day environments.” She tweeted.

Prior to her passing, Oluwatoyin Salau had risen as the main voice in the late fights for black rights all through the zone.

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