Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Confirms Ghana, Congo, DRC & Gabon Have Received Coronavirus Medical Materials From Billionaire Jack Ma

Politician and Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed, has confirmed that the medical materials promised to be delivered to Africa from the Jack Ma foundation have arrived.

The Prime Minister made the announcement via his official Twitter page. This comes a few days after Chinese business magnate, Jack Ma assured Africans of his willingness to help with prevention materials. The materials that have arrived include Test Kits, Face Masks etc and as of this morning (March 25, 2020) have been delivered to Ghana, Congo, DRC and Gabon.

So far Ghana has 52 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus with 2 deaths.

See the official Tweet from Abiy Ahmed below:



#COVID19 In Ghana! Citizens Share Their Knowledge About The Deadly Disease


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