Ghanaians Rush For Kasapreko Hand Sanitizers – Video

Kasapreko Company Limited halted the production of beverages to produce hand sanitizers to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Trading of the product has begun, traders trooped to the premises of the company this morning to pick boxes of the hand sanitizers for the market. In a live video recorded by ace journalist, Abeiku Santana, traders urged the company to increase production due to the high demand for the product.

Kasapreko Company Limited announced the decision to start the production of hand sanitizers following the President’s directives of companies helping with the fight against coronavirus. According to reports, Ghana has 52 confirmed cases and with 2 deaths.

Watch video from the premises of Kasapreko Company Limited below:





Kaspreko Company Limited Places Beverage Production On Hold To Produce Affordable Hand Sanitizers To Curb The Spread Of Coronavirus




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