ACNE THE FACIAL DIABETES! Vivian Amegashi’s Comprehensive Summary On Skin Care

Ghanaian author, nutrition and skincare experts Vivian Amegashie’s book has shared a very comprehensive digestive summary on skincare.

In her latest book christened Acne The Facial Diabetes.  According to the section of selected book review aficionados, Riovian Skincare International Chief, Vivian Amegashie’s book is a guide on nutrition and total wellness; It’s taking you on a journey of discovery on why you have Acne and other Skin concerns.

Vivian Amegashi's Comprehensive Summary On Skin Care
Vivian Amegashi’s Comprehensive Summary On Skin Care

The core of this brilliance describes the importance of determining the cause of the many skin conditions in our society and why simply treating the symptoms will not provide the desired results. A must-read and an eyeopener.

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