COVID-19 PANDEMIC: Ghana Has Really Been Sweet To Me – American Travel Influencer

COVID-19 has halted a lot of movement and created dire panic since its outbreak in China before trickling to other parts of the world.

World leaders have been armed twisted by the rushing spread of the virus in countries that have reported confirmed cases into making decisions that are of greater good and interest of the citizens, therefore, lockdown imposed. In a larger picture, the push for a lockdown is to protect uninfected citizens and affected ones, and also quicken research into the disease in order to find a cure or find a solution to tame it spread.

Being hit at longer length is not just citizens of respective countries but also travellers, visitors or tourists (whichever word you choose still works). The predominate question that clouds the minds of every traveller stuck in another country in the pandemic – is whether that country will be able to offer protection or be as kind to them just like their own country of birth.

However, one thing Ghana has been celebrated for on the global stage is – its hospitality umbrella that covers everyone most especially foreigners. A Ghanaian can decide to – offer a foreigner a place to sleep, food to eat and more, regardless of knowing the person or not.

Ghana Has Really Been Sweet To Me
Ghana Has Really Been Sweet To Me

Travel influencer of American origin, Rashad McCrorey who is currently stuck in Ghana narrated how he ended up in the country and his view of the breathtaking hospitality he is enjoying at Aburi Botanical Gardens. Rashad started ushering American tourists into Ghana in 2016 after visiting in 2015, he fell in love with everything about Ghana. Since then, he convinced himself, it was a country worth spending time away in without any hesitation and rejection from his mind. Hence, his further step to include other American citizens who are looking for excitement and change of environment for a while.

McCrorey got stuck in Ghana after touring with a few of the tourists who left the country right after the lockdown, however, he couldn’t travel outside the country on time, hence, met the lockdown. In a video message sent by McCrorey, he vividly threw light on the astonishing accommodation offered at Aburi Botanical Gardens by a friend, where says he loves to the core.

Even though, he has lost a few close pals to COVID-19 Pandemic. He has been in constant communication with his family in the States – and every one of them is safe and sound.

Watch the video made by Rashad McCrorey from his based in Aburi Botanical Gardens below:


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