I am 27 years old and my boyfriend Paul is 32. It is now five years since we started dating way back when I was in my final year in senior high school and he was a taxi driver.

Paul has been a God sent, because we met at the right moment when I needed a helping hand because I lost my father and didn’t know how to continue with my education. He saw me through my final year at the senior high school and then my midwifery training. He paid for everything and even sponsored my mum’s surgery when she was seriously sick.

Honestly, Paul is a lovely, caring and very supportive person, but too old fashioned. This is my only problem. He doesn’t seem to want to move forward in life. Paul still drives taxi and this is really an embarrassment for me when he comes round to visit me at school. I have been talking to him to stop driving that old taxi and get a new job, something more cooperate but since he seems more comfortable with that.

Last week he visited me at work, and guess what? Paul is buying another taxi after all that I have said! I can’t deal with that oh, how can I be a taxi driver’s wife, now that I’m a midwife at one of the reputable hospitals in Accra. How does he want my colleagues at work to see me?
I want to be moving forward not backward so I’m going to breakup with him.

Esther Konama’s View:

I once asked my 80-year-old grandpa how do I live long like him and he replied ”Fear Woman”. As a woman, I fear other women at the highest level. This lady is a typical example of some ungrateful women in our society, they are the reason why most of us don’t get help from men we go into a relationship with.

How can you just break up with a man who sacrifices his sales for your education? A man who wanted the best for you in life, you want a breakup just because he is a taxi driver?

Didn’t you know he was a taxi driver before you accepted his proposal and all the sponsorships?

Have you thought how disappointed he will be? Do you even know this news can lead him to commit suicide or enter into a deep depression state?

Aunty midwife please think twice and be more appreciative than unreasonable! Being a taxi driver’s wife won’t burn your certificates.

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