After Messi Missed A Penalty Against PSG Last Night, Look At What Aisha Yesufu Did

Lionel Messi missed a punishment shoot against Paris Saint German last night.    Aisha Yesufu has responded over the punishment shoot that was missed by one of the football stars on the planet, Lionel Messi.

The football match was between the Barcelona FC and Paris Saint German, otherwise known as PSG. It was an apparatus that drew the consideration of millions of football devotees everywhere on the world, and very much like each and every other football sweetheart, Aisha Yesufu was not given up.

She enjoyed in much the game as she didn’t stop for a second to relentlessly refreshes her fans and supporters on each move and activity completed on the field. In any case, the great and terrible side of Messi was uncovered in the space of the hour and a half during the Barcelona versus Paris Saint German match. In the mean time, PSG scored the initial objective through one of their stars, Kylian Mbappe, which left the score line at 1:0 for PSG. In any case, Lionel Messi scored a very hair-raising 30-yard strike to give his group, the Barcelona FC some expectation, this changed the score line to 1:1.

At that point, a couple of moments later, Antoine Griezmann of PSG football club won his group a punishment. Promptly this occurred, numerous Barcelona fans were seen jubilating as they were expecting another objective which would have given them a 1:2 success over their rivals. In any case, this didn’t end well as Messi missed the punishment shoot.

After this had occurred, the Nigerian Human’s Rights Activist and Online influencer, Aisha Yesufu took to her authority twitter handle to communicate her stun over how Messi missed a punishment shoot. In her words, Aisha Yesufu said; “Whaaaaaat? Messi discarded a punishment!” She further added; “What a save! This game ought to have been exhausting, yet it is so intriguing!”

We as a whole skill eccentric football can be, it is a game that everything without exception can occur, both the normal and startling occasions. Individuals do missed punishment shoots before and Messi isn’t the primary headliner to miss a punishment. Recall that nobody is great and accordingly, botches do occur. The match finished in a 1:1 draw and the two groups were seen showing the genuine soul of sportsmanship as they traded merriments and embraced each other prior to leaving the field.

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