A Woman Tells The Panel Of Lagos – ‘Policemen Beat Me Till I Peed On Myself’

An #EndSARS protester, Felicia Okpara, who appeared before the Lagos judicial panel today on 27th November 2020, has shared how she was allegedly whipped by policemen for recording the violence that took place during one of the protests in the Surulere area of Lagos State.

Recounting how she joined the protest after concluding an interview in the area, the lady disclosed that she heard gunshots and saw people scampering for safety.

After running towards a police station, she said she decided to record the incident but was accosted by a police officer who asked why she was recording and ordered her to stop.

After she refused, she said a policeman pulled a gun on her while another joined in and forcefully dragged her and another lady to the police station nearby. Upon getting to the police station, Felicia claimed they were badly beaten by policemen including women that she lost control and urinated on herself.

She said; 

“While the beating was going on, I lost control of my body and my phone fell on the ground and one of them used his leg to smash it because he believed I was recording with it and I was going to post it on the internet.

“While we were still at that gate, some were coming out, they joined the beating. Dragged me inside, that was where I lost control of my body, I peed on myself. I managed to get a hold of the phone because I knew that was the only thing I had.”

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