ALEXANDRA AYIREBI- ACQUAH: The Joy Of Motherhood & Landing A Career Changing Role In ’Aloe Vera’

The name Alexandra Ayirebi- Acquah was only on the lips of family members and close-pals a few months ago. No-one knew with the right timing and preparation, her name could become a hot brand within a shorter space, and getting roaring appreciation from cinemas enthusiasts.

All these begun when she went to audition for the role in the latest production by one of the leading film directors of this moment, Peter Sedufia. Before the revelation of the title of the film as ALOE VERA, she already knew her faith in her abilities as a screen talent will work but not this fast. As new as she was, Alexandra Ayirebi- Acquah was given the biggest task she wasn’t expecting so soon in her career, the director made her the lead character in ALOE VERA. She played Veralin, a better half to an Aloein, but their love was in the midst of a communal dispute.

Before landing the role, Alexandra had her dreams nearly on the edge of a tunnel with a very dim light – she conceived and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. However, in her mind – her son was even a source of motivation and huge blessing that turn her career around. She quickly harboured the ’never say never’ attitude and doubled her zeal to push away from being narrowed down to the pit of giving up. The courage to be a role model to her son coupled with encouragement and love from family especially her mother – her role model, from whom she draws her strength, she was back on her feet very fit and energized to give her all to the dream of gracing your screens. And she showed the world more of that when she nailed her role, almost every single soul that trooped to the cinemas during the premiere – applauded her acting brilliance, film critics quickly knew a star has been born. 

Alexandra Ayirebi- Acquah has even bigger dreams of helping others in future. She wants to establish a film ground in filmmaking; producing her own films and giving young actors the chance to explode like her. She is of the view that Ghana needs more quality on the screens to compete locally and on the international market constantly and regularly. She is always and almost every day monitoring the working tactics and progress of leading filmmakers like Shirley Frimpong Manso, Peter Sedufia and others around the world.

Her passion for filmmaking started at a younger age when her elder brother used films to explain certain events in life for her to understand. Films like Transformers, others where among the several films he used – hence, it tops the list of her favourite films ever. More is yet to come from Alexandra Ayirebi- Acquah, her story is just at the premature stage and beginning to take shape, and it will manifest for the world to see soon. So be on the lookout.

Watch her tell us more on FRONT VIEW below:

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