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Awake Purified Mineral Water Marks World Water Day With Mechanised Pipes In Okwampa & Ayensuako, Central Region

World Water Day is marked on March 22nd each year to celebrate and create awareness on the importance of freshwater and preservation of water bodies. During this year’s celebration of the day, Awake Purified Mineral Water, a subsidiary of Kasapreko Company Limited helped solved the long-standing water needs within two communities in the Central Region of Ghana, notably, Okwampa and Ayensuako.

At Okwampa, the marketing manager of Awake Mineral Water, Chris Sarkodie explained in details the driving factor behind the construction of the mechanized pipe for the community. He revealed that for many years, the people depend on water from a hospital in the community which has become a burden for the facility, this was documented and telecasted on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. After seeing the derived nature in which the people live and also the struggle they have to go through on a daily basis to get water, the company has decided to revamp the boreholes in the community and connect it to mechanized pipeline and storage facility that house 10,000 litres of water.

At Ayensuako, the team went to river Ayensu where the entire community fetch water for cooking, bathing, drinking and perform several other activities due to damaged Ghana water pipelines. Which isn’t healthy at all, so Awake Purified Mineral Water built a similar facility with the same water holding capacity in the community as well to aid in the provision of treated and clean water.

The contracts for the construction of the two mechanized pipes was awarded to a local engineer within the communities which in a way helped create employment as well.

Mini durbars organized in Okwampa and Ayensuako Awake Purified Mineral Water has constructed the mechanized pipes, the chiefs, elders, District Chief Executive and the people expressed their profound gratitude to the company and promised to take good care of it to attract more from Kasapreko Company Limited.

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