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Barcos Studio Set To Release “Accra We Dey Series” In 2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Ghana, Africa and the world at large would be thrilled week-in, week-out to a tale which focuses on the struggles of five final year secondary school students as they come to terms with the fact that they are no longer teenagers but full-grown adults, who must make decisions to benefit their future. With several movies under the belt of Barco Studios, one can rest assured that this new series would surely be on the verge editors’ headlines, movie lovers’ hearts and sponsors’ billings across the country.

We caught up with the executive producer, Kobby Bartels somewhere in Accra, on a bright day too, first of all, celebrate the fabric of a building that his production conglomerate has become in the industry (within the period of time) where some have come, seen and somehow fallen off the pecking order – but for him and his team, they understand that passion is the mother of faith. We went straight with questions about his forthcoming series, ‘ACCRA WE DEY’ and asked him why he explored themes like innocence, coming of age, revenge, spiritual enlightenment, death and the power of friendship.

You Came Into The Scene With About Two Full-Fledged Movies – How Far Has The Journey Rolled Out?

It’s been a tried and tested journey, where the industry took us through a vigorous process to ascertain whether or not we belonged and I would like to say that by his Grace we are still here and ready to have another go at it hence, #Accrawedeydaseries.

A few Months Ago, You Brought In Your Italian Partners In Anticipation Of Another Blockbuster, So Far We Have Not Seen Or Heard Anything From Your Production House. Why Is That?


That was a very ambitious project we embarked on and I think we got a little bit ahead of ourselves when we weren’t in the capacity to execute. The project is not dead as we are fine tuning to deliver in the coming year. The budget was huge, thus, we are still putting things in place, and we trust God to see us through that journey.

Barcos Studio Is Back After Few Months Of Hiatus, What Is New Before The Year Ends?

Right now it is all about “Accra We Dey” – #Accrawedeydaseries. This particular series is going to tell a lot about our beautiful country Ghana; we are hopeful because we have assembled the best hands, we have quality equipment, we have the technical know-how, we are ready to start production before 2017 rolls out.

‘Accra We Dey’ Series Seems To Be The Talk Of Town; Tell Us More About It.

We feel it’s a fantastic series that is remarkably written which will resonate with the audience. It’s a coming of age story. The series focuses on the struggles of five final years Senior High School students as they come to terms with the fact that they are no longer teenagers but full-fledged adults who must make decisions to benefit their future selves. The series explores themes like innocence, coming of age, revenge, spiritual enlightenment, death and the power of friendship.

How Would Series With Its Theme Directly Have Impact On The Viewers?

We are hoping to have the viewers engaged in the series as they can relate to the issues and life experiences of our characters. From the onset, we have put our house in order, thus, we know that the public would love it.

The Series Comes Across As An Authentic Ghanaian Story That Will Leave The Audience With Feelings Of Nostalgia And Fond Memories Of The Transition From Teenage Years To Adulthood. What Is That One Lesson That Would Be Learnt After The First Season Comes To An End?

You know history teaches us or should teach us that nothing is new and nothing is what it seems.

Let’s Talk Briefly About The Characters In The Forthcoming Series, How Interesting Are They In Connection With The Plot.

We have a phenomenal casting team that has spent considerable time to cast the perfect individual. Very soon they will be introduced to the audience, who we have no doubt will gravitate towards them.

How Soon Should Your Patrons, Fans And Sponsors Alike Be Expecting The Release Of The First Episode?

The first episode God willing should be out early first quarter next year (2018).

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