Betting Method: How To Make 10,000 Cedis With 1 Cedi In Four Days

Millennials and the old because of the economic hardship and unavailability of jobs in the country, have taken to betting a few cedis on games in the hope of winning big.

The above is proven as of August 21st 2021, where a look at the online visibility management and content marketing platform, Semrush, shows data revealing Betway as the 9th most visited website in the country.

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Aside them are a host of other betting companies only the Gaming Commission of Ghana would know count of.

The losses incurred day in day out are so huge that in April this year, one fuel station manager made the news for having betted and lost company money, a total of 139,000 cedis.

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Others go viral on social media looking dejected for their red slips. The hope to win or recover their losses someday has turned many a flock of compulsive gamblers leaving them financially unstable than before.

“Bet small, win big”, says the slogan of Betpawa,  another leading betting company in the country.

But the dream of winning big rarely comes to reality as big losses result from the sum of the many small losses incurred over a period. Truth be told, people don’t really bet small. 20 cedis a bet, 30 cedis a bet, staked in series a day; many of which lose. Why can it not be 1 cedi a bet?

1 cedi can actually make a punter 10,000 cedis in four days. Here’s how it works. With 1 cedi, bet on 10 odds day one of the attempt. Upon winning, use all 10 cedis to bet 10 odds again on day 2.

One would make 100 cedis if the game goes through. Use all 100 cedis to bet on another 10 odds the third day. 1000 cedis would be won if it goes green. Another shot at betting on 10 odds the fourth day with all 1000 cedis would make one 10,000 cedis.

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That’s it! With good game selections and a lot of luck, this is achievable. At whatever day one loses, 1 Cedi was the actual money lost. Losing 1 cedi a day a month makes 30 cedis, a lesser loss anyone can carry.

If betting is your thing go give this a try. May you be lucky.

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