Beyoncé Demands Justice For Breonna Taylor In A Touching Open Letter

Beyonce, American top singer is fighting for the lives of black people.

According to a new report, the singer did an open letter to seek justice for Breonna Taylor via her website.

Taylor, just 26 at the age of her death, was shot and killed by police during a drug raid on her Louisville, Kentucky home on 13 March. The officers were investigating two people suspected of selling drugs, neither of whom was Taylor.

They had been granted a “no-knock” warrant (something the Louisville Metro Council has since voted unanimously to ban) by a judge, which allowed them to enter Taylor’s apartment without announcing themselves, and they also weren’t wearing body cams.

Taylor was shot eight times and died at the scene. As per the lawsuit filed by her family, no drugs were found.

See her post on Instagram also below:

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