Biogas Expert Engineering Company Introduces Plastic Waste Management To Slove Unemployment | WATCH

Plastic Management Company, Biogas Expect Engineering are contributing to solving unemployment in the country.

The company has introduced a new agenda called the “Operation Fire Unemployment Program”.

According to them, “are you unemployed, do you need a job, do you want to become your own boss?”

These are the questions they are asking the general public.

They have then brought out a major solution for this as they say; “Don’t look any further, Biogas Expect Engineering is organizing one-day training skills for all. Both the unemployed and employed.

The Acquired skills are in the following areas.

• Making Of Moringa Bread.

• Carrot Soap Production.

• Moringa Ice Cream.

• Weedicide and Pesticide Production.

• 3D And 5D Epoxy floor.

• Organic Manure.

They have been able to bring about all these categories as the Registration fee for anyone who is interested in the agenda is GHC 300.

Watch the video below for more information.

Also contact them by calling: 0546205377, 0555893001, or 0278507124

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