CAMIDOH: The Soloist & His Music

Camidoh’s life, his daily ins and outs are all about music – nothing else matters to him – if the conversation isn’t geared towards music, then there will be little or no attention at all from him – that’s how serious he takes his career in the field he finds comforts in – he revealed on FRONT VIEW.

His words can’t be argued – there are elements of truth and sincerity in them when you look at it from a broader scope and considering his way of life. Hardly will you find him at any function – Parties, Concert and more if he isn’t billed to perform. For a man working what he classified as matured sound – music that comes from a deeper place of thinking in the room, coming to terms with what he loves is the only moment he feels intimately and truly connected to something.

You might know him for For My Lover but based on the revelations he made, the writer, and composer has had a long-standing relationship with music since his debut EP – Music Is Bae landed – that was before fame started sharing the same bed with him. For My Lover had Darko Vibes delivering a mind-blowing and catchy verse. So far the record has amounted over almost 400k views on Youtube alone – so image the figures that are sitting on other streaming platforms.

However, that’s not the music CAMIDOH is personally connected to – rather his other offering – Yawa is named by him as his personal favourite – the working process started only via face-time conversation with his childhood pal Nektunez who produced the song to the final product – everything about Yawa brings back memories that make him happy. he built on that with Audio Love, a personal love story for all – and that’s how he wants to create all his songs for the fans.

CAMIDOH hasn’t positioned his mind on retirement from music – he plans to do music forever and everything associated with it – take it this way, finding true love with whom you spend the rest of your living life with, till death do separates you. CAMIDOH has no eyes or heart for any other thing. His only plan B is also about music – owning a business from music – clothing, sneakers and couple of other industries that gain it oxygen from music – he and his music are bonded forever.


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