The Rise Of CHAMPAGNEELEE, The OAP Everyone Is Watching & Listening To Now!

Hosting entertainment shows on both radio and television can be a hectic and very demanding adventure because of the pressure to continually deliver and be on A-game always. But Ghanaian OAP and event MC, Faisal Bawa affectionately referred to as Champagneelee, makes it looks easy with just a touch of the microphone or anytime he takes the seat on set.

Graving for excellence in his field and challenging himself to the outmost angle, he took the mantle to be the main entertainment anchor at WatsUp TV and has been in progressive development for many years now. At first glance, Champagneelee’s double-sided talents take effect because it easy for him to be likened to a rapper or even an actor, to top it up, he has a strong sense of fashion and flair. He is a complete package, nothing left out!

He added radio hosting to his certificate quite recently by taking up Saturday Night Life gig on Class FM, where he swept most listeners off their feet, who has quickly added him to the list of well listened to presenters.

From indications, Champagneelee is a name that’s here to stay and rock shoulders with some of the greats on the continent. Hard work births success and he is determined to get the best of himself always in order to satisfy you on television, radio or as an MC.

Watch YouTube videos below:

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