Chelsea Fc interested in 18 year old Swedish Akropolis 196cm tall starlet, Osei Kwame Darko

Osei Kwame Darko is a talented footballer, who has made himself noticed by top football clubs including Chelsea, Real Madrid, Liverpool and Arsenal FC. He has been under the radar of Chelsea FC for the past 2 years, and he might move to Stamford Bridge anytime soon. Darko plays as a centre-forward and a left-winger where he has made himself an amazing history of winning airballs. He is a big fan of Michael Essien and Chelsea, and his family has been supportive after Essien’s transfer from Lyon.

Watford, UK – Building the name in the world of football is very exigent, let alone being recognized by some of the best football clubs. For most people, just the thought of undergoing arduous training to achieve something incredible can be daunting. But Osei Kwame Darko is an exception, who has come a long way to get his name recognized. The youngster is also described as a ‘great talent’ by some of the best names in the football world. He is an astounding player in close controls and free kicks, he has also scored many hat tricks.

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Liverpool, Real Madrid and Arsenal FC have scouted for this 18 year old, 196 cm Osei Kwame Darko. He has been under the radar of Chelsea FC, which he, too, wants to join. He says talking about this experience “I’ve always wanted to play for an English club and Chelsea and it is a dream come true.” Chelsea has been following and observing Darko’s performance for the past 2 years, and now the time has come that he gets inducted in his favourite football club. He is ready and ambitious to meet Chelsea FC management to discuss further technicalities.

This Swedish Akropolis Striker, Osei Kwame Darko is an 18 year old rising star. He has been playing as a talented striker, leading his team to enormous amounts of wins over the course of his playing career. His playing style is centre forward and left-winged, which is his primary playing position, and he has adopted this position for quite some time now. Furthermore, he is an amazing player to win airballs.

Darko performs outstandingly well in close quarters and free kicks. His quick movements coupled with high-end, on the spot strategies have enabled him to score multiple hat tricks in the field. His achievements are results of his constant efforts and hard work that he has put into the love for football.

Osei Kwame Darko is a true fan of Michael Essien, and he gets his inspiration from him. His family has been quite supportive after Michael transferred from Lyon. Moreover, Darko believes that his accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without the support and love of his family. His induction in Chelsea FC is truly a dream-come-true moment for him.

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