China Experiencing Rise In COVID-19 Daily Cases, Aggressive Lockdown Policies Opposed By Citizens

Authorities in China reported nearly 33,000 infections, they have launched a more aggressive vaccine drive to boost immunity, and expanded hospital capacity in order to restrict the movement of high-risk groups especially those with low vaccination rates.

The new measures by authorities are an attempt to keep the virus from overwhelming a healthcare system ill-prepared for a flood of very sick covid patients.

Large demonstrations have erupted in several cities within the country against China’s restrictive COVID-19 policies, due to a deadly fire in the Western Xinjiang region that has been connected to the restrictive lockdown policies.

Hundreds of students from Beijing’s Tsinghua University rallied at their campus on Sunday, the AFP news agency reported, chanting “freedom will prevail” and calling for an end to lockdowns.

A student at Tsinghua told AFP that Sunday’s gathering began at 11:30 am (03:30 GMT) when “students started holding up signs at the entrance of the canteen, then more and more people joined”.

The student added: “Now there are 200 to 300 people… We sang the national anthem and the Internationale and chanted ‘freedom will prevail’”.

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