Church of Illuminati is coming to all African country including Ghana

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This is the entrance of the church of Illuminati members of 2021 in everywhere in the whole wide world. This church started from1990 and it was pass to so many Africa country to sign under it so that their citizens will become lesbian and gay. But many of the Africa countries have denied to accept this kind of lifestyle behavior. Because this kind of deviant behavior does not recognize to the values and norms of the society and the community .

This is the inside of the church of Illuminati members to relax and feel free to perform and do all set of things. There are some light inside the church which is the gods which are under this church, so this Illuminati people first of all use these light to worship the gods. They also have a gate which is like a human being and the members will pass through the legs of the statue. This room also have a resting place for those who are tired to rest there too.

This is the main church of the Illuminati and it has a beautiful environment. The president of the Illuminati church, base on this church said that he will build the same church for any country who will accept their proposal of inventing Illuminati

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