Circle Is On Fire

Fire breaks out at the Odorna market square at Circle a night ago

In an interview with kayayos (street hawkers) who witnessed the whole scene; they told Pan African tv that the fire service got there early but could not locate the exact spot the fire had begun.

And before long the fire has spread and burnt all of their possessions.

The female coordinator at the market said the fire outbreak was caused by the haphazard arrangements of sellers at the market square

She said after the first fire outbreak that occurred at the same place a year ago, she has advice the food sellers to create space inbetween their vendors and that of the clothing shops to prevent any future re-occurances but they refused to take heed.

she also mentioned that there has been quite a number of illegal connections of wires at the market but basically it is was due to the overcrowding at the market that had led to the fire outbreak

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