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Edem Fairre Urges Amendment On Suicide Attempt Law For Mental Illness At The Launch Of Her Depression And Anxiety Forum.

All emotions are healthy to have but not to act out. They play a vital role in our development as human beings. Anxiety and depression are about something that has taken place or might take place.

Anxiety and depression is a mental health disorder characterized by persistent sad moods, loss of interest in activities and prolonged thinking causing significant impairment in daily life.

Edem Fairre

Close to 800,000 people die due to suicide with 65% of them caused by DEPRESSION. The Edem Fairre Foundation held a Depression and Anxiety Management Forum at Airport View Hotel last Saturday in Accra and also announced their tertiary tour across all tertiary institutions in Ghana and beyond.

The Forum dubbed “you are not alone”,  had some seasoned speakers like Mrs Victoria Sarfo Nkansah, Dr Lord Kudolo, Prophet Courage A. Heavens, Abdala Moore(Depression Activist), Jessica Owoo(Mental Health Nurse), Dr Newman Arthur, Sheikh Nuhu Issah Bandago, Kojo Daasebre. They shared their expertise and knowledge about the reality of depression in this generation and also discuss identifying symptoms or early signs, causes, and natural solutions for many mental health issues including depression and anxiety that affect so many people today.

Edem Fairre

In the forum organized by the Edem Fairre Foundation, Edem Fairre revealed that she tried to take her life on two occasions due to how depressed she was but failed.

Also, she mentioned that through her research, she found out that people are unable to open up about depressed condition and even if they do, they are stigmatized as mentally ill people. In Addition, Edem said she recently found out that attempted suicide which is one of the end results of depression and anxiety is a crime and urge the lawmakers to help make the amendment so victims can undergo treatment while their issues are being investigated.

Edem Fairre

“I won’t say I have fully recovered but now I am able to pinpoint when I am getting there.” She said

She, therefore, encouraged Ghanaians struggling with depression and anxiety that they are not alone in this fight hence the Depression and Anxiety Management Forum(You are not alone).


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