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AARON ADATSI: The Talent, True Character & Knack For Excellence


Before YOLO came into the picture AARON ADATSI was already on his grind, trying so hard to make an impact in the ever-challenging acting industry, beat competitors to stay at atop, the cheerful and charming actor revealed on FRONT VIEW.

Five years into the game, it will be obvious that every talented person with much passion and effort towards the work – will ask one question, why am I not being recognized the way I should. For AARON ADATSI, the road to stardom is not a battle with others, but one with his inner self, competing with his past, present and what’s to come.

The grind paid off when he was recommended to audition for a role in one of the best selling series – YOLO. Shoot and directed by famed Ghanaian filmmaker, Ivan Quashigah of Farmhouse Production. The series finally drove him from level one to ten, dining and meeting with A-class stars he only used to watch on television or social media. It’s one thing to blow and but another to leave a mark – be the toast of many filmmakers and viewers worldwide. In the is – brand positioning, his talent can’t be argued, the top-notch characters have eulogized him, but consistency is a fundamentally painful truth you can’t hide.

Naturally, AARON ADATSI, is addicted to excellence, he made it clear on FRONT VIEW, if it’s not top class, then you better not do it all. He set a plan – to plan ahead of time for all his projects. With an eye for an elevation to the top, not just by playing roles but be in the position to give others roles and change their lives. He loves social media but that doesn’t influence his way of business – it’s hype era, use it wisely and never get drowned in it, he advised.

For one person who is being loved and has most of his fan-based being women, ones natural thinking will be he is the lady’s men. Yes, he is the lady’s men, however, for friendship and niceness and it ends there. In fact, he frowned on no strings attached relationship.

To conclude, he left a few words for his fans on FRONT VIEW, go for the best, make an impact and never compromise on quality.


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