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AFIA SCHWARZENEGGER: Multitasking To Stay Atop


About twelve years ago, a star emerged on the entertainment scene with a different character and approach to creativity and delivery on-screen as AFIA SCHWARZENEGGER. The name has since that faithful appearance in the series as the lead – crafted and christened after the same name reminds the toast of entertainment lovers in Ghana and elsewhere.

Quickly fetching a multitude of followers across social media and bringing a lot of viewership to the series – placing it among the number one series in the country. The name and character suited her so well, and fans followed regularly satisfied their curiosity in seeing new stuff under her sleeve – AFIA SCHWARZENEGGER has arrived with no intention of fading out anytime soon – and the name is now a trademark brand.

But she knew entertainment in general – comic acting wasn’t paying as compared to other industries. Hence, she quickly dug deeper inward and assembled to the forefront of entertainment another aspect of her – the love for media came to full effect with effortless display for all to witness, she became the hottest on-air-personality, constantly being poached from one media house to the other. Her ability to coin shows that became talking points on other channels and among fans warmed the hearts of many – she was vilified at some point and yet glorified at another point.

Could it be that AFIA SCHWARZENEGGER’s secret to staying atop of her game worked? yes – she has maintained her form and consistency till date, never has she not being among the trending topics. So, how does she manage all these – comedy, acting, media and business and family life – and not get worn out physically and emotionally? The Queen Schwar as she affectionately called by her followers across board – with a bubbling persona – attributed her strength to her belief in God – she starts the day with thanks and praises to the maker before anything else comes into play.

The rest is all about proper planning, hard work and commitment to deliver the best in all angles.

She revealed this and many more on our FRONT VIEW program. Watch below:

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