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Bill Cosby Claims He’s A ‘Political Prisoner’ In Bizarre Twitter Rant And Also Has Warning For “Black Media Outlets.”

Bill Cosby had to spend Thanksgiving in prison and apparently did some reflecting during the holiday.

On his Twitter account, via Black Press USA, the disgraced actor and comedian called for Black America to not believe “fake news.”

“It’s #BlackFriday, so let’s spend our dollars with #BlackPressUSA & all Black media outlets that propel the truth and the facts, not Fake News. The truth is in the pudding, this week Black Press USA proved its power and relevance to the world,” Cosby wrote before naming specific publications in a subsequent tweet.

“No longer should we succumb to the fear of many mainstream media outlets like Associated Press, CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post & Radar Online just to name a few,” Cosby tweeted. “Black Friday+Black People = BlackPressUSA.”

He also labelled himself a “political prisoner” and said people should be “thankful for the Native Americans.”

Cosby’s latest tweets were accompanied by a link to the first interview Cosby did since being in prison. During that interview, Cosby said he had less than a year since he’s eligible for parole, but will likely not be granted it because he refuses to show remorse for the sexual assaults he was convicted of.

“I have eight years and nine months left,” Cosby said. “When I come up for parole, they’re not going to hear me say that I have remorse. I was there. I don’t care what group of people come along and talk about this when they weren’t there. They don’t know… It’s all a setup. That whole jury thing. They were imposters.”

See Bill Cosby’s latest tweets below.

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