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D- Cryme: GHAMRO Takes Royalties For Musicians But Data On Amount Collected Must Be Provided To Each Musician

D- Cryme

Rapper and CEO of Twipop Recordz, D- Cryme, Born Darlington Kwasi Agyekum, was hosted on The Start Right talk show by television presenter, Adwoa Genny, discussing the music industry, COVID-19 Pandemic and more.

D-Cryme spoke about the deadly pandemic covid-19 and also emphasis on how Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) is moving the industry with royalties. 

“I will encourage them to stay as original as possible it saves the musician a lot of fake living and that for sure was a no for a starter. I acknowledged the many years of street free-styling and beat-riding before having the chance to get through to studios, challenges are meant to be solved I  didn’t mince words as I admonished the younger music generation to seek the way of the old whenever they are hit with the challenges of ascension into stardom,” he said.

“Those who think covid 19 is a joke should wise up because the government will not just wake up and come and lie to the whole country for no reason,” he added.

He debunked rumours of state institutions cooking up figures to create an illusion. He took time to educate viewers on the need to wear nose coverings at public spaces and regularly keep good hand hygiene. He continually emphasized the need to stay safe for one another, not necessarily for our individual selves.

D-Cryme was quick to express his dissatisfaction with the modus operandi with which royalties for musicians are distributed by GHAMRO.

“One thing I like to be improved in the royalty system, is not like is not there is there but is not vibrate.

”You know (GHAMRO) is the collective society that collects all our royalty for us, you don’t know how much comes in and how they share it and I feel like this data should be accessible to everybody but it seems like you have to accept whatever they give you, is cool but very unfortunate”

In as much as the association may put in a lot to safeguard for the artist welfare I encouraged that the royalty system be given a second look by GHAMRO)”.

He further admonished artists to take keen interest in royalty issues as well as their managers as I identified that as a shortcoming of many artists.

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