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DIANA HAMILTON: Love For Music & The Testimonies From Listeners

Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton, the multiple award-winning Ghanaian gospel music composer and singer, has been making a lot of strides both on the local and international stage, sharing a piece of the good-news with different audiences.

Joining the gospel fraternity in the world, and making an impact and heard among the multitude that plies the same path, can be a huge throng to go through. Crossing borders with your act is also systematic and well-crafted art blended with timing and the right strategy; however, after all the hard work has been put in place, Diana Hamilton just makes her music travel and do the preaching and winning of new hearts for her.

Telling us on our FRONT VIEW program of how she is just happy with random testimonies that come from fans all over the world. That alone brings an overwhelming and longstanding joy, which can’t be fathomed and explained, and the idea of quitting music hasn’t even flashed across her mind – it won’t ever happy, it’s music forever. Even though she has won several awards from different continents, in addition to Vodafone Ghana Music Awards in 2019 as the Gospel Artiste of the Year, Feedback from people after listening to her song means a lot and she is await new ones always.

The brand Diana Hamilton took an even bigger turn and sky-level soar in 2018 when she issued one of the most cherished and listened to song from the gospel-dom titled Mo Ne Yo – And Diana Hamilton believes her creativity from the concept stage, writing to the recording booth come from everything around her. First and foremost, she prays about an idea or concept before moulding it into a song. The demand for her work on the Ghanaian market elevated her to the list of Billboard’s most-watched musicians in the country – she was the only gospel musician and female on the list, occupying the fourth position.

She multitasks and mixes, working as an entertainer with being a nurse and family person – that one could think will take a toll on her career due to fatigue, she does it well and manages to stay atop of her game always. If you are wondering because of her status she might be travelling with huge items, then the answer is No – Diana Hamilton revealed her iPad and phones are very essential as they form the creative part, in addition to her blanket and warm socks, while onboard her plane.

In her catalogue, she comfortably boasts of life-changing records like ‘Yehowah’, ‘W’asem’, ‘Work In Progress’, Nsenkyerene Nyankopon’, the list continues. She is enjoying every moment of her musical journey and has never thought of giving up on this for anything else.

Let’s hear more from Diana Hamilton below:

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