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Evangelist Diana Asamoah Shares Perception In Christian Sustenance

Ghanaian Gosple artist Evangelist Diana Assmoah Shares Perceptionn in Christian Living on UTV

Most of the people say am no more holy in Christ, but i normally tell people that Christianity is like an aldult and christianity is like going to school and if you look at those times especially me, if i didn’t accept God as my life am suppose to die because i didn’t know the aspect of God i once told someone that i once went out to preach and if i fast hefore preaching i become more powerful i can even fast for three days but i though that can even make me more powerfull.

Those days if you wear a new outdated shoe people even talks about it and even a new fashion dress people noramlly say you’re no more a christian but rather if you look dirty with some new outdated shoe or cloth they see you to be a christian, it resch to a time that if every christian go to the hotel they see him or her to be a sinner but this days most of the Padtors even go to the hotel to fast everytime we travel and we need somewhere to rest we go to the hotel

But all this things end up, if only you obey the word of God. wearing all this fashion things doesn’t means you should be naked or Dont Fast, ever time you go to church and the pastor anoint you doesnt mean you’re holy but after he anoint you, you should live a holy life .

She concludes with

We’ve Given the all the powers to satan everytime we comit sin but rather the power belong to God . I once went to Canada and the pastor gave me the platform to preach , he told me to close exactly 11am because that when the preaching time ends but when it was exactly 11am everybody stood up and gave out offertory and went out , one will say they are not christians but they are just obeying the time.

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