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KISA GBEKLE: The Truth Behind Fame – And The Wish To Reverse The Clock

Kisa Gbekle

Fame is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as – the state of being known or recognized by many people because of your achievements and skills. Mostly, the people associated with fame are labelled as celebrities that have gained much respect and attention from their known fields.

From acting, singing, dancing, writing to a whole lot of skill-set either inborn or learned along the way. Many celebrities around the world have made quite a remarkable wealth from being addicted to their skill-set and entertaining the global audience with it. However, a few have gone from apex to the bottom within a short space of time due to several societal and personal factors that are mostly avoidable based on the individual’s own way of life.

The fast pace life, glamorous style, expensive taste in cars, houses, partners and more counts – society isn’t going to allow you to be famous without flashing these things in the open. Your status on the fame chain must be seen in your daily lives no matter what. Fame has cost pain to more celebrities and others have managed to hold to it and turned into good for themselves for long and passed it on to generations.

Speaking to Ghanaian screen star, ex-singer and businesswoman, Kisa Gbekle on FRONT VIEW – who has had her own share of the ups and downs of fame – she made few shocking revelations about that status or position in life.  The film industry itself has had a lot to juggle with these past years as practitioners continue to wail in pain for investment from either government or individuals with deep pocket – with an appetite to for films. Meanwhile, return on investment is also one key factor an investor will be looking at while stuck in the dilemma of signing that fat cheque, or not.

For Kisa Gbekle, fame has made a certain aspect of life difficult – and no it has nothing to do with cash, she has what she can depend on in the midst of the crawling film industry. Fame has drugged past relationships into the mud – finding true love was a complete headache. Most men come just for pleasure and gain the bragging right for being in your panties. Also, the battle of having her partner determine what she posts on social media because of maybe seeing it to be no appropriate, but she has a fan-base to satisfy on social media or risk losing them to the next competitor. She isn’t going through this alone; she stated more of the female celebrities are finding it hard to marry due to these problems – all thanks to fame.

The one thing Kisa Wished to change in her life is to be a normal person without being known. She wants to reverse the clock and never ever be famous again – but sadly wishes are no horses. Therefore, Kisa is channeling her extra energy into managing soccer players and maybe starting her own cooking program soon.

Watch Kisa Gbekle tells us more on FRONT VIEW Below:

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