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Kwadwo Antwi Explains The Word Celebrity

Ghanaian highlife legend kwadwo Antwi in his recent interview talks about collaborating with the upcoming highlife artists

Kwadwo Antwi claims he’s not a celebrity and also he said

” The word Celebrity that some of the Ghanaian Musician, Movie Actor or actress use as their names is very wrong, The Word celebrity may have a Ghanaian meaning.

I want to remain a musician but there are somethings that people do to build their ego and I will forever want to be hungry for the music and also release some new tracks that will make my funs happy.

Ego makes someone call him or herself a celebrity ,I don’t call those who come to my show as my funs but rather my customers ,if you call someone as your fun that means you are higher than even the president and that person must serve you as a god but if that person is my customer , am suppose to serve that person .

And i believe that I’ve been serving my customers because if i need them they always come back to me because they always acknowledge the service i give to them .

When it comes to the showbiz side they can be my funs but interms i will rather use friends or friends of kwadwo Antwi

Kwadwo Antwi set to perform at the Afafanto concert on 24th December 2019

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