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Kwadwo Antwi Talks About King Promise And Kwesi Pee

Ghanaian highlife artist Kwadwo Antwi talks about king Promise And Kwasi Pee on Utv

During the interview, the host ask him what make you colaborate with the new upcoming artist

He answered

This are things i do those times and all you need to do is to recognise , so this is not something unique i need to fight to do and there is a lot of colaboration with the new artists . Music is a language on his own and it done all over the world.

The host ask him , do you still colaborate with your son Kwesi Pee ?

He answered

Why are we discussing about colaboraring with the new artist and you wanna bring issue i have with kwesi Pee. Kwesi pee is my son but sometimes things that I’ve heared about him is not pleasant to comment about , so we should forget about this discussing and move to the other topic.

Watch yolo season 5 premiered here:

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