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KOO NTAKRA: A Mother’s Wish VS A Son’s Passion

Koo Ntakra

Plans are made and rotated every day but no one knows what and where life will lead us. So life is based on hopes, period. But these hopes are nurture by our elders so we stay on track always and don’t lose focus on and with time.

Rapper and former winner of MTN Hitmaker, Koo Ntakra light up the Ghanaian music industry since basking onto the scene in 2013 after winning the talent show. The rapper made such a huge impression on the minds of music lovers especially rap fanatics. However, the ups and downs associated with music coupled with investment, making the right decision at the right and other contributing factors are threatening the bright light of once a promising musician to be nearly a fallen autumn leaf.

Koo Ntakra appeared on FRONT VIEW chit chat program and briefly shared with us his journey and where music has taken him so far. Among the few he mentioned was performing on a big stage in France, where people from all corners of the globe danced and partied with his son, that he labelled as one of the best moments in his career so far.

Even though Koo Ntakra broke his music virginity early – hence the birth of his passion for the craft he has come to love, his mother had different aspirations for him. He detailed that the mother wanted him to enter into a training college right after secondary school (now high school) to pursue a different career. But he kept his hopes high on music with records such as Gbelemi, Ohemaa, Rap Koti, Who Am I and more. He has been eager to make everyone proud.

A faith he has held unto knowing that’s how fate has willed it. He further revealed that till date, he sometimes regrets doing music especially when things hit the rock in his career. And, wondered why he didn’t follow his mother’s wish rather than his passion. What do you think, share your views in the comment box below?

Watch Koo Ntakra below:

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