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PETER SEDUFIA: Inside The World Of A Film Gem – His Faith In Cinema Culture

Peter Sedufia

A goodly size of cinema fanatics started hearing the name Peter Sedufia right from the inauguration of his first film; Keteke. For a creative person, being in the space of doing the unthinkable is what he adjudged as normal. A Peter Sedufia Film will capture every element of your being and drive a certain level of educative excitement to your mind from Opening credits to the closing credits.

All eyes turned to one direction and questions were thrown from all angles of the film sphere as where and who is this gem and which angle does he wants to express and bring his imagination into realization. In Keteke, the film explores the life of a couple who embarked on a pukka journey to the city. What they envisioned to be full of joy, wasn’t rosy as they had imagined from the beginning, after missing the only train. The impending challenges along the way left them in two dilemmas; should they return or continue the journey, despite the fact that they triumphed at the end, the experience was one that will linger for ages.

Peter Sedufia sustained the blooming and impressive surge for his masterpieces with Sidechic Gang – a comic drama that took viewers into the world of three friends, who hit jackpot after becoming self-trained specialists in exposing cheating spouses. This settled the seemingly non-ending argument among cinemas lover on Peter Sedufia’s mindset and view of transformative filmmaking – another gem has just emerged with a flair for quality; ‘’My Inspiration Comes from basic observation of things happening around me.’’ He revealed on Front View. Notes were taken and overwhelming growth of appetite for his films spread among fans.

Amid the glory that came with his films, a cross-section of film enthusiasts and industry experts believed the cinema culture was disintegrating gradually, but Peter Sedufia thinks otherwise; ‘’I wouldn’t say the cinema culture is dying, we are going through a phase.’’ He believed the right investment will bring life back into the cinema but it doesn’t mean it dead. As a family-oriented individual, his wife seems to be winning the battle of surprises and she pulled one on him by commissioning a pilot to wish him happy birthday in mid-air. Who wouldn’t want that?

Faced with several obstacles before, during and after the shoot of projects, Peter’s biggest obstacle was on the shoot of Aloe Vera, his newest critically acclaimed production that proved that love conquers all battles. Earlier in the year, he disclosed in an interview of how rain shot up the initial budget for the film, he added on Front View how he wept because of these natural occurrences and many other factors beyond his control. For a film to come out perfect, he buries himself deep in the story, prepares to an extent of rehearsing with chosen cast and crew for the project. 

For a project to be successful to meet international standard, Peter pleads with the government to invest in filmmaking in Ghana, to help export and expose Ghana to the outside world. ‘’Government should find it very prudent to involve us in the national budget,’’ so that when we are making films we can also look at how to paint and sell our country to the rest of the world,’’ he said.

Entertainment is among the biggest industries around the world, and with the proper investment, the country can ripe immensely from it.

Watch Peter Sedufia on Front View By TMGHLIVE Below:

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