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REYNOLDS THE GENTLEMAN: Drifting Towards Greatness – One Production At A Time


You may not be familiar with the name REYNOLDS THE GENTLEMAN and his work out there, that’s not a surprise in a pool of less-attention driven producers – they make your favourite musician’s work looks perfect for your ultimate listening pleasure and admiration. 

REYNOLDS THE GENTLEMAN work has a lot of perfect aroma around it, he is your classic producers – who make all the love-hit songs for some of the greatest musicians in Ghana. A few have given him credit for his work, others have decided to wear the unappreciative cap of coldness, but that doesn’t stop a passionate producer from baking constantly for them.

Mixing his enthusiastic nature as calm musicians with a lot of genius ideas on his own – seen mostly in the songs he has been releasing. REYNOLDS THE GENTLEMAN’s music will stir the soul of any woman on any occasion – you don’t need words to convince her to fall for you, just insert a solo effort from him and the rest is history. Don’t underestimate a less vocal worker like him, he hardly speaks when he is behind his machines either producing for an act or for himself – all his focus drift towards making that final product look so perfect for the listeners and clients.

On a personal work level, REYNOLDS THE GENTLEMAN, though not a mega household name – has held his own headline concert at Alliance Franchise – just connecting with the fans on a music level. We are all in the alignment of the fact that music in general in the country is now beginning to fetch a lot of revenues for musicians thanks to streaming platforms, ambassadorial deals and a couple of engagement activities, before that, almost all musicians in Ghana were generating much of their income from performances – hence, no show, no cash. REYNOLDS THE GENTLEMAN came to terms with that a long time ago but wished things were different. To make everything even worst, most of these producers including him are underpaid and undervalued by some of the musicians they work with – which he confirmed on FRONT VIEW but was quick to also add that if the producer does the necessary paper works and doesn’t cheapen his work – the musician will also pay what is due him. That lead us to the point and popular words musicians especially the household names use to convince producers – using your beat is mileage for you.

So REYNOLDS THE GENTLEMAN found an alternative route to make music for his fans and only work with musicians who value good productions and willing to pay – Therefore his work with M.anifest on the viral song, Me Ne Wo with King Promise, and also Medikal, Ayekoo, once again with King Promise, didn’t fetch him much cash but brought the exposure he needed to carry on – his catalogue of work for others stretches as far as you can imagine. He mentioned songstress Efya as one of the most down to earth music practitioners he has ever worked within his career. Last year, he created his own magic from the comfort of his own studio, by shooting the entire video for his single – Painkiller with an iPhone, which is climbing up with views on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Aside from music, he has worked on the sound score for movies like Sidechic Gang and Aloe Vera – all directed by Peter Sedufia. REYNOLDS THE GENTLEMAN is the brand for the future, start tagging along now to be part of his greater journey.

Watch Reynolds The Gentleman on FRONT VIEW Below:

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