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‘Stop Mentioning My Name, If I Don’t Count’ – Wiyaala


Ghanaian entertainer, Wiyaala has voiced out on issues affecting the music industry especially the females.

Almost every week, different stories emerge regarding the music industry and the troubles that are being generated by the key practitioners. Examples are seen in the recent growth of attacks (beef) among the musicians, hence, reducing the music scene to a near low level.

Wiyaala has been praised and criticized for opting to take her craft to the international market, playing a lot of shows outside Ghana. Defending her self and sending a message to all the pundits who criticized her. She posted a video addressing the topic for the first, relating her decision to several factors like lack of royalties, hatred (generated by industry players) and more, which makes it hard for the fans to accept her kind of craft.

Watch her full video below:

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