Executives of Gold Coast Holding Encourage Celebrities to invest Heavily during their Hay Days – WATCH

Senior Executives of Gold Coast Holding comprising of the Chief Executive Office, Mr Kwame Asomaning, General Manager, Mr Boakye Mensah and others had a sit down chat with the press where they took time to explain the operations of the company.

Gold Coast Holding Ghana is sub-branched into Gold Coast Pensions, Gold Coast Brokerage, Gold Coast Fund Management and Gold Coast Portfolio Management, and in the over 25-years of providing quality service to more than 800,000 clients and 19 branches across the nation. The company seeks to also not only make merry alone but, rather celebrate with its clients and assure them that, in the wake of all these financial cataclysms that other companies are facing leading to panic and lack of trust from clients, they are safe and still in operation.

According to the Mr Asomaning, the company has been of colossal help to the country by mostly pre-financing a lot of projects in the past 25-years, helping to raise the operational standards of contractors, petty traders, the list is endless.

Furthermore, Mr Asomaning re-emphasized on the need for celebrities in the country and elsewhere to invest heavily in their futures when they are making the hits and are very popular. By so doing, by the time, they get to their peak or are no longer very functional in the market, they can rely on the returns on their investments to continue with their lives.

Watch the Mr Asomaning’s submission below:


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