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SEE: Sugar Daddy Sponsors Actress, Sitsofe Tsikor To Finish Acting School In South Africa Even Though The Man’s Wife Has Warned Sitsofe To Stop Seeing Her Husband

It is sad what some of these celebrities can do in order to still be relevant in the entertainment industry. A few months ago we learnt that actress, Sitsofe Tsikor has successfully completed an acting course in far away South Africa, we were so happy for her.

She read ‘Acting for Camera’ at the prestigious City Varsity University in 2017 after successfully completing an Online Acting Course with Dustin Homan Master Class in 2015. With a career that dates back to start in the same year (2015) with the first movie, ‘It Takes Two’.

See photos of the certificate:

This journey to stardom seems to be achieved through the sponsorship of fat pocket sugar daddy that she is secretly seeing, the man we are told is twice her age. And, according to a close source, the man has solely financed her education in South Africa and other trips around the world.

The tables have turned and she has now found herself in the hot waters of the wife of the sugar daddy she is dating. The wife of the sugar daddy has threatened to deal with her if she doesn’t stop seeing and milking what she has not sown.

But, our source says, the Sitsofe Tsikor has attempted on a few occasion to stop the relationship after things between the sugar daddy’s wife and she got pretty serious. However, the sugar daddy is also deeply in love and wants to continue with the affair to the extent that, he is even willing to buy a house for her outside Ghana where she can stay. So they can be seeing each other secretly.

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