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STACY M. AMEWOYI Writes: Life Is Beautiful – But Don’t Get Carried Away By Social Media Likes & Views

Stacy M. Amewoyi

Life is beautiful; such is how God made it. And you, yes you, completed that race with millions of sperms when you fertilized that egg to be brought into this beautiful place.

No matter how people make it look, you make it how it’s supposed to be for you. If you should ask the dead, what their greatest regrets were, they will tell you, they couldn’t live in the moment. They’d say they hurt themselves with worries, hate, conflicts and so on, so much that, they failed to live their lives at the moment. Based on what I have seen so far in life; I think one must always live life intensively at the moment.

Life is an expression in the sense that, it should be taken with all seriousness and enjoyed as an experience. It isn’t for everyone, but you, who had the chance to make it to earth. But why is it that, you made it alone here yet you want to live like someone else? Life has always been a race, right from the womb. You raced, I raced; but as to how I did it you never know and vice a vice. This is how simple life is. You will never know how a person is progressing or retrogressing. Even if you ask, the truth will never be told you. How a person won the race from the womb will always be a mystery, differentiating our uniqueness from each other. Most People were born after one or two abortions, others died stillbirths, some returned immediately after birth etc. yet they all won the race but circumstances failed their existence, but you didn’t.

Bold, uniquely made, strong and courageous is what you are right from the beginning. Yet, you lay down your features and uphold others better than you as you forgo yourself to live as another. First of all, you are a disgrace to your other contestants from the womb. They will be confused as to how they made a low life as you get to the top. They stay up in heaven and watch in regret a complete mess you are making of yourself.

When you are young you are anxious about the future. Anxiety puts pressure on you and you want to skip the growing up the stage to get to adulthood. And that is where most people get it wrong. No one just appeared on earth, absolutely nothing was made without going through a process. Therefore, you can’t skip being young, straight into adulthood. Neither can you become famous, rich or a beauty queen in a matter of seconds. There is the idea that adults experience a certain kind of freedom that the youth don’t get but growing up is a different ball game. There is pain and gain fused to make it perfect.

Look, we have approximately 70 to 80 years on the planet earth. We have a few folks living to 90s but most are not very capable after 85. Barring any health concerns, we hope to get much accomplished and even if we have all kinds of obstacles in our lives, we still strive to do as we would like our lives to be. Some people are acutely aware of this at an early age because they have been here before or they are simply aware. They know they have a certain amount of time to do the things they want to do and they set about doing them.

For some people, if they do not rush, they miss opportunities and do not get them done. That is their nature in general; they rush. But where are you rushing to? To the 85 when you are incapable of doing nothing? Ask people at 85, its either they are sad for wasting their lives or they are calling death for themselves. Which would you want to call for at 85? Whatever the wish will be by then will depend on what you are doing now.

Stop faking your life! The lie life is getting out of hand. There is a quote that says, people, waste money to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like. What a century! You can do better than being a hookup girl or being the 10th wife to some rich man. The time needed to be useful; to learn a job, get educated, put smiles on the face of your family is now. Don’t waste it on looking like someone else. Girls undergo different kinds of knives for a shape that only exist in Mars. Where are you carrying that body to anyway? The days that men wanted that are in the past.

Find time to do your research, the number of people who have rotten bottoms, those with manhood’s unable to fit in their trousers, breasts that need to be carried in 6 yards of clothes, and beautiful faces that look like caricatures now. Buckle up, get educated or better yourself with something your children will be proud of. It’s sad, so many youths perishing at the expense of flourishing that, they wouldn’t mind taking another human life for it. They want to look so much like the Instagram pictures that, they will sell their bodies, for the phones, clothes and fame. Put some clothes on young lady, exposing yourself only calls for murderers at your doorsteps. People will flaunt your page, would want to have you, see more of you but all of it is for the eyes only. Have you thought about your soul, and what you would want at 85?

You only live once, life is a celebration, live it to the fullest, making every moment count; but how are you living in the moment and making it a celebration? Every step counts and consequences follow every action. Be on your guard, seek wisdom, make each step a positive count, know your purpose and pursue it. Cut off, unwholesome friends. For social media, you can’t stop people from posting fake lives and pornography for likes and views. But you have control of your eyes. When you realize you are shifting from normal, due to stuff on social media, unfollow, unfriend and block, it is just a button to tap. After all, it’s your phone and your life; nobody has the right to tamper with your head.

Erase the mentality that, an adult is someone who can deal with pressure constantly and can do everything easily or have a lot of privileges. Sweetheart, being an adult trying to attain certain heights is difficult. Even when pursuing the right call. We were never promised an easy journey, thus, your short cuts will end terribly. Live life with less worry and stress, don’t lock down yourself in the past, it ruins the present. You will be gone for a long time so for the moment, let your life count, have plans for the future, but love the moment like that, illuminates the future.

Go on vacations read all the books, make all the friends you want, love all the love and meet all the meet for living in the now is the most important. Therefore, live your life wisely.

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