Gambo Shows Emotional Side On New R&B Record ‘Beautiful’ Featuring Sefa

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Whether he is making great music or passing time in a plush hotel, Gambo is always in the news for something. Now the talented rapper and fast-rising social icon is out with a new record. This time a romantic banger ‘Beautiful’ which is produced by DJ Kwamzy, mixed/mastered by MikeMillzOnEm and features the effervescent, Sefa.

Listen/stream ‘Beautiful’ here:

‘Beautiful’ is off Gambo’s upcoming ‘’New Era’’ EP which is set to debut sometime this year. The record zooms into a side of Gambo most Ghanaians haven’t seen. According to the star, the song was recorded way back in 2018 when he was a totally different person.

In his own words:

 ‘’People might not believe this but Gambo was your typical romantic lover boy. I wrote to this song as a way to escape my pain while enduring a broken heart. It was a very tough period because I was truly in love and happy before it all went south. So basically, I want people to remember how they met their lovers when they listen to this song to rekindle the emotions of when they first started dating. As for me, love didn’t work out so I chose to focus on making money’’.

He added

‘’I decided to feature Sefa because everyone knows she’s my star crush’’.

‘Beautiful’ is the epitome of sweetness; the record caresses your earbuds and gets you missing that lover you don’t even have when you listen.

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