Get 1000 Views On YouTube For Free.

Are you new to youtube and you want to develop your channel? It is very easy but make sure you follow these steps carefully

First thing to do is to log unto your YouTube account or create a new account with your Gmail or Yahoo account if you don’t have one.

After you have opened your account read and follow any instructions, terms and policies you chance across so that you don’t go contrary to any of their don’ts for security purposes.

When you are through with that you can now go ahead to post your first video on your channel.

Mind you, whatever you post on your youtube will be visible to everyone on youtube so don’t just post anything

You are now ready to get you free youtube views start by clicking the link below

Now create an account and fill in required details of personal information.

when you done creating your account click on the love emoji on the dashboard or menu

A new page will open and you can swipe down and follow the steps to get your 1000views for free. Send us your comments if you could get yours or if you find any difficulties along the way. Good luck

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