Get The Scoop! Inside Ghana International Trade Fair 2018

The Ghana International Trade fair project was conceived by the government of Ghana in the 1960s. The objective was to build a first-class multi-purpose international trade fair and conference centre. This was in direct response to the massive industrialization and infrastructural development projects embarked by the government after the attainment of independence in 1957. The project was, therefore, to enable Ghana to showcase and promote her exportable products and services with a view to attracting investors.

The Mission of The Ghana International Trade Fair Limited is to become the preferred International Trade Fair Center in the sub-region and to promote beneficial trade between Ghana and her global trading partners.

The 22ndGhana International Trade Fair, which is a General Consumer Fair, is organized by the Ghana Trade Fair Co. Ltd under the auspices of the Ministry of Trade & Industry. It offers a unique platform for manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and users of a wide range of goods and services and opportunities for investment promotion.

The 22ndGhana International Trade Fair under the theme; Industrializing Ghana, Creating Jobs, is hinged on government’s One District One Factory policy which seeks to “enhance one economically viable enterprise in each of the District of Ghana”. The Fair is to also enhance economic potentials, create import substitutes, create products for exports, check rural-urban migration and create jobs in each District.

The 22nd Ghana International Trade Fair will offer the opportunity for exhibitors to introduce their brands and products to emerging and existing companies currently enrolled in the 216-district industrialization programme and many others.Ghana International Trade Fair will provide the platform for local and global companies to interact and network to form lasting partnerships.

Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited has partnered with several institutions such as the One District One Factory secretariat and Ghana at 60 Committee to make the 22nd Ghana International Trade Fair bigger than previous years.

The 22nd Ghana International Trade Fair will be held at the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre from the 28th of February to the 7th of March 2018.

Activities for the 22nd Ghana International Trade Fair are as follows;


FEBRUARY 28 – MARCH 7, 2018



➢ Opening Ceremony

➢ Conference to be Organized by Forestry Commission



➢ Regional day celebration with One District One Factory

➢ Conference to Be Organized by Forestry Commission


  1. FRIDAY MARCH 2, 2018

➢ Street Art Gallery

➢ Music, food & Beer Festival

➢ Seminar to be Organized by 1DIF


  1. SATURDAY MARCH 3, 2018

➢ Big Sales

➢ Country Day Celebration with Embassies/High Commission (Festival of Cultures)

➢ Music, Food & Beer Festival

➢ Family Day Out


  1. SUNDAY MARCH 4, 2018

➢ Big Sales

➢ Music, Food & Beer Festival

➢ Cook Out Contest with CEO’S

➢ Ntoma Fashion show

➢ Family Day Out / ….


  1. MONDAY MARCH 5, 2018

➢ Cocoa Day Celebration

➢ Music, Food & Beer Festival


  1. TUESDAY MARCH 6, 2018

➢ Stand Tour by His Excellency THE PRESIDENT of Ghana

➢ Ghana Day Celebrations

➢ Music, Food, & Beer Festival

➢ Ntoma Ball (Dinner Dance)

➢ Family Day Out

➢ EIB Network & Graphic Communications musical show


  1. WEDNESDAY MARCH 7, 2018

➢ Music, Food & Beer Festival

➢ Closing Ceremony





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