Ghanaian Man Survived 6-Hours With Pregnant Woman In A Sinking Boat At Deep Sea [VIDEO]

A former footballer who played mostly at the lower division in Ghana before deciding to embark on a journey in search better life and greener pastures overseas specifically in Libya has narrated his ordeal.

In a conversation on the YouTube channel, RIDE AND CHAT, he revealed how he witnessed the pre and post-Gaddafi death and the situation in the country. He believed the late president of Libya was an African survivor who was misunderstood.

However, after working so hard and making a good amount of money, a close friend convinced him to invest in a bank called DKM in Brong Ahafo but it tends out to be a scam and he lost all his money, which prompted his decision to cross the sea to Italy to start life all over again.

They including a pregnant woman, a newly born mother and about 184 others, used the smaller Yamaha balloon boat for the journey across the sea from midnight and got lost in a boat, their boat started to sink after the wood supporting it where they were sitting broke. They spent the entire night on the sea praying for a good omen as they face the possibility of drowning, luckily they spotted a Navy Patrol team which they initially thought were the Italians who were coming to rescue them but little didn’t know it was the Libyan Navy team.

Watch the conversation below:

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