Ghanaian Police Officers Wearing Earrings And Beard Gets Ghanaians Talking On Social Media

There are a couple of viral photos on social media that capture two police officers wearing beard and earrings.

We hardly see this with members of the various security services in the country so the photos has got Ghanaians talking on social media.

Comments sighted by us sees netizens alleging that the police force is now full of unqualified people who got recruited on the basis of protocol so that’s why we now have them wearing beard and earrings since there’s no discipline in the force as we used to have.

Facebook user and a known NDC supporter, Fredie Mawuli for instance alleged that the police officer who was wearing the earring is an ‘invisible force’ member.

He wrote: “When we say they are using invisible force they claim is the police service personnel when did the Police start wearing long bear and ear rings in uniform. I hear he is an ex cpl 64 infantry called Emmanuel Antwi. He went on AWOL in the USA and returned when Nana won in 2016, he is one of their trainers of the invincible forces.”

police officers with beard and earrings

On another side of the coin, a Ghanaian journalist, Odadee King Nobert has thrown light on why the officers wore the earrings and were seen keeping beard.

In his explanation, he said these officers are from the ‘Counter Terrorism or Anti Robbery Unit of the Ghana Police Service.

King Nobert further noted that “they dress and act like bad boys, and mostly disguise themselves; often without wearing uniforms for special operations or investigations”.

“Let no one be misled into thinking these are civilians in Uniforms”, he wrote in conclusion.

police officers with beard and earrings

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