GhOne television set to roll out “Timeless Love” telenovela

GhOne television will be rolling out a new telenovela titled “Timeless Love” which comprises everything about love and when things go wrong the kind of revenge one seeks afterwards.

At the press screening which took place at the station’s headquarters in Accra, the media were introduced to the official song for “Timeless Love” composed by Adina and Kidi which is the Ghana version of the original soundtrack, and then shown the first episode of the telenovela.

Putting the pieces together from just the first episode, the story-line will give you goosebumps and have you wanting to see more. Everyone that sat at the screening was itching and calling for the second episode to be added after the first one has ended, because of the nature and how the story took off and the direction it was heading.

Love can be sweet but, when things go sore the aftermath can hurt to the core especially when mistakes of the past come hunting you years later, all these and more are what you should expect to see in “Timeless Love”.

It’s scheduled to officially start airing on Monday, October 6, 2017 at 7:30pm to 8:30pm, running through the week at the same time, the repeats will be shown the following day at 10am and then omnibus on Sundays at 8am to 12noon with a chat room to engage viewers.


Make sure you are glued to you television set so you don’t miss the excitement.



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