Golden Movie Awards Africa Opens Entries For The 2018 Edition

The 4th edition of the Golden Movie Awards Africa has been officially launched at a press launch inside the premises of the organizers of the scheme, NMJ in Adenta, Accra.

The 4th edition of the award scheme has been officially launched and nominations are now open for filmmakers across the African continent to submit their films for the various categories for review and possibly making it into the official nomination list.

The director of Golden Movie Awards, Mrs Andani-Michaels, announced that nominations have been opened now for the submission of films for the various categories and that nominations are now open from the 1st of February-1st April, 2018.

Filmmakers who in Ghana and other African countries who would want to submit their films, would have to fill up forms on the organizer’s official website and follow the steps as listed on their to submit their movie.

She also disclosed that this year’s edition will have 3 Jury members from 3 other African countries to join the already existing Ghanaian Jury. She was quick to also add that, one entertainment journalist would also be selected to be a part of the Jury. Nigeria, Kenya, and Cameroon are the 3 African countries, where the juries would come from.

Speaking to the media at the launch, MrsAndani Michaels also disclosed that, as part of activities leading to the run-up of the main event which will be on 2nd June 2018, the organizers would be visiting the film industry in Tamale and Kumasi to interact with the various stakeholders there as they have always cried about being neglected in the award scheme.

Although the main event would be held right here in Ghana, the official launch and nominees announcement will take place in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire for the first time as it’s an award for the whole of Africa.

This year’s edition will also not sell tickets to the general public like it was done in previous years as they want to be able to get every filmmaker, actor, producer from every part of Africa involved in this year’s edition but some selected few who may not be major stakeholders or industry players would be given the chance to win tickets to attend the main event.

Country Directors Speech, Mrs Andani-Michaels

Good evening and welcome to everyone. I’ll like to thank all you for taking the time to be here with us this evening. I’m very positive that you all had other engagements that were equally as important as this press launch, but somehow for some reason, you chose to be here, and for that, we are very grateful.

As you might have already gathered from the media, we are here for the press launch and the official opening for submission for the fourth edition of the “Golden Movie Awards Africa” (GMAA). The purpose of this press launch is to communicate to all stakeholders of the GMAA what to expect from the upcoming event. We will also divulge our plans for this years’ edition so that all our audience can have an idea of what the event has in store for them.

The Golden Movies Awards Africa as we all know is an annual award scheme that celebrates outstanding achievement in African television, digital media and film.  Our all-time theme: “Changing the negative narrative of Africa through film” has always been our standard, and I’m confident that, I won’t be lying if I say we have been able to hold that standard for all these years.  Over the past few years of its institution, the GMAA has gained the confidence and applause of industry practitioners and enthusiasts, including you the media, for being a trusted award scheme throughout the African continent and the world at large.

The first, second and third editions have been great, and I know we all have fond memories. But this year’s which is the fourth edition is nothing like you’ve ever seen. It’s so packed that, I don’t even think the word ‘packed’ even begins to describe it. I’m almost tempted to start rattling all the really cool stuff that GMAA 2018 has in store for all of us but again since we are here share plans, I will be sharing few of the confirmed plans and share the rest as time unfolds.

We are introducing three new entrant to our Noble Grand Jury Team which includes Jury members from other African Country aside Ghana. More elaboration on them will be shared with the media in the coming days. We are very much excited also to announce that the team will be visiting Kumasi and Tamale to interact with various film groups, association and the media and also Our 2018 Media & Communication Director is our very own Mr Ken Addy.

Organizers of the awards from research and experience realized how limited tickets become for the filmmakers and actors when the big day nears due to the fact that tickets are available for purchase for the general public and movie lovers, hence the decision to CANCEL ticket sales to increase the number of filmmakers & actors who have the chance to be part of the experience. However few slots will be left to the general public who can apply to attend on www.goldenmoviewards .com

This year’s unique hashtag is #BringItOnOnlyForTheBest #GoldenMAA2018   simply because #OnlyTheBest on the African continent will all gather to celebrate each other in a grand style and we are edging them all to #BringItOn.This year’s event will be held on 2nd June 2018 in Accra whiles the  Official Launch & nomination announcement will be held in Abidjan

We are officially here to open for submission today 1st February 2018 – 1st April 2018



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