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Fella Makafui Respond To Claims That She’s Copying Sis Derby’s Style

Ghanaian actress and also film maker Fella Makafui response to claims that she’s copying Ghanaian musician sister Derby style

Sister derby claims that Fella Makafui copies her lifestyle as she took to her timeline on so social media and caption it

“Enti me nne a, mo nso mobɛ nne

Okay, sisia no I’m constipated

Enti mo bɛyɛ dɛn? – @1realjoeyb”

Fella Makafui also replied to her comment on social media

She said

Dear sir or madam ..If you don’t want anybody “copying” your style ,kindly wear EXCLUSIVE DRESSES,shoes ,bags etc !!! If not i’m sorry i cannot and will never burn my outfits just because you have either worn it before or whatever and oohhh i’m dark skin,love my short hair ,and thick ass ..Beautiful,smart ,industrious and i do not intend to change that … Did i copy your wine shop?? your clothing ?? your lashes ?? Or what exactly??I ordered for a slides you worn before ?? is that the copy ?? aahh we grow pass this …. i think you guys have drag my name enough..LEAVE ME ALONE or TAKE ME TO COURT AND STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM !! I know this is not about me ,but yooo its been years ..GET OVER IT !!! T foR thanks .. Peace and love ❤️❤️💋..



Now to anyone who would comment u shouldn’t have responded..just know that i have had enough!!! Peace ..

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