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If You Want To Be Happy In Life, Help Others & Expect Nothing In Return – Oscar Yao Doe

HRH Oscar Yao Doe

Entrepreneur and self-built millionaire, HRH Oscar Yao Doe has counted and shared a few of the good deeds he has done for people.

Although he hardly talks about the helping hands he extends to others because he does not see the need for it. He, however, in an Instagram post today, shared with the world how he has supported a lot of people to the university without expecting anything in return.

He went to reveal he did all these help with a very clean heart and encourage others to do same, as it’s the recipe to true happiness in life.

In a happy mood, he wrote below;

Who Want To Be Happy? Sponsor Only 10 People To School Especially Up To University. Pull At Least 5 People And Help Their Businesses To Succeed. Intervene In Many Situation In Unique Fashion Without Publication. Whenever You’re Helping Take Out Your Personal Needs And Feelings, Just Help. This Will Give You Unending Happiness. Happy Weekend ❤ I Am Happy To Announce People I Have Supported To University Has Surpassed 300 People 👨🎓👨🎓👨🎓 I Will Open A Beautiful Wine Bottle.

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