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A group of activists of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) are demanding the resignation of the party’s regional Secretary for Greater Accra, branding him ‘a confusionist-in-chief.’

Speaking at a News conference in Accra, Mr Daniel Baccah, a cadre of the party accused Mr Theophilus Tetteh Chaie of nursing anti-Mahama sentiments, being at loggerheads with regional Chairman and also not making efforts to address many internal party issues that threaten unity in the party.

“This is a regional Secretary who does not even make time to respond to complaint letters that are addressed to him, and this has led to the situation where many internal issues reported to his office have remained unsolved.”

According to him, because of the nonchalance of the regional Secretary the NDC had opened nominations for Parliamentary primaries in the region with many party members and supporters at loggerheads with one another.

“How do we expect to win more seats in Greater Accra when we are very likely going to elect our PC’s with a divided front? We believe that it will be in the interest of the party if the Parliamentary primaries are put on hold so that the issues in the party are addressed first. And the best place to start solving these issues is the resignation of the Secretary,” Mr. Baccah said.

He revealed that as part of his malignancy in Greater Accra NDC, the current regional Secretary was in the habit of constantly sabotaging the regional Chairman, Joseph Ade Coker.

Among others, he said Mr. Tetteh Chaie sanctioned party meetings without recourse to the regional Chairman, a thing that led to Chairman Ade Coker being undermined in his role as head of the party in the region.

“But worst of all is the fact that Mr. Theophilus Tetteh Chaie is a known anti-Mahama man, he does not like our flagbearer and thinks someone else would have been a better Flagbearer than John Mahama.

“Unfortunately for him however, Mahama is the party’s choice as demonstrated in the outcome of our Presidential primary. Our submission is that, we cannot have a successful general in any war if his own lieutenant is a saboteur, and so we call on Mr Tetteh Chaie to do the honourable thing and resign his position immediately,” Daniel Baccah said.

Mr. Bakah’s collaborator on the high table, Solomon Donkor, said that Theophilus Tetteh Chaie’s election as Secretary was the undoing of the NDC because the man had shown in the past that he was a confusionist.

“When he was the MP for Ablekuma Central, we had the same problems in that Constituency; disunity and internal confusion, but the MP, rather than solving the issues, took sides and this cost us dearly in the national election,” Solomon Donkor said.

He reiterated that sentiments towards the regional Secretary within Greater Accra NDC were not healthy and so it would be in his interest to resign his post for the sake of the party.

Meanwhile, Mr. Solomon Donkor also called on delegates to elect competent people for the Parliamentary tickets of various constituencies in the region.

“Let us avoid those who we know are only looking for the PC position so that when money comes for their campaigns, they will pocket it and refuse to campaign properly,” he said.


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