No Need To Hold Fanfare With Taxpayers Money To Distribute Ambulances, It’s A Waste Of Money – Businessman HRH Oscar Yao Doe

After the information broke out regarding the President’s decision to commission the release of 307 ambulances to about 275 constituencies in the country, Ghanaian business mogul, HRH Oscar Yao Doe took his social media pages to express his profound disappointment in His Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, for deciding to use taxpayers money to hold fanfare for the distribution, it’s a double expenditure.

The businessman and philanthropist revealed the President lacks compassion because the ambulances have been here since July 2019. However, because the target wasn’t for the provision of better healthcare but rather eyeing election, the President has waited to till election year to carry out the exercise. HRH Doe also argued that it is heartbreaking to see politician organizing fanfare to announce or initiate projects that will benefit the citizens.

No Need To Hold Fanfare With Taxpayers Money To Distribute Ambulances, It's A Waste Of Money - Businessman HRH Oscar Yao Doe
No Need To Hold Fanfare With Taxpayers Money To Distribute Ambulances, It’s A Waste Of Money – Businessman HRH Oscar Yao Doe

Additionally, HRH Doe mentioned that politicians shouldn’t help citizens based on political affiliations. He cited his support for over 200 students in universities across the country, he hasn’t ever asked for their party affiliations before helping out. Furthermore, he supports these students because it’s the right thing to do to better the country.

He concluded that, with the way leaders like President Nana Akufo-Addo and the rest are behaving, it’s clear they lack compassion and are not trustworthy.

Read his posts on social media:

A Leader Without Compassion Is Not Worth Trusting! A Leader Without Character Cannot Be Trusted! A Leader Without Good Temperament Cannot Be Trusted! Kind Heart Is Better Than Gold! Caring Heals Faster Than Medication! Sincerity Is Precious Than Deception! Trust Is A Virtue That Cannot Be Overtaken!

The Petty Minded Leaders Of Our Generation,,, My Prayer Is That The Youth And Upcoming Generation Will Chat A Different Path To Prosperity. What Sense Does It Make For President Akufo Addo To Hold Onto Hostage An Ambulances Badly Needed For 7 Months From July 2019 Till Election Year 2020 Before It Can Be Distributed To Win An Election ? Can Akufo Addo Be Trusted As A Genuine Leader ??? Big No.

What’s The Main Purpose Of Bringing In The Ambulances? Is It To Assist In Emergency Healthcare Delivery? Or Just To Win An Election?How Many Lives Could Have Been Saved If Those Ambulances Were Delivered Earlier? So Is This The Learned And Well Polished Leader? Is This The Competent Leader Dr Bawumia Was Talking About In 2016 ? So Is That All We Were Made To Believe In 2016? If This Is What Competent Looks Like? Then I Am Going To Vote For Someone Who Is Rather Incompetent!

Akufo Addo Is Not Trustworthy!


I Have Lived My Entire Life In Giving Kindness, Compassion, Love, Generosity, Caring, Goodness, Respect, Uplifting People, Encouraging People, Contributing To People’s Welfare, I Did All This With Absolute Pleasure And Unconditionally, Because That’s What God Requires Of Us,,, I Lived A Larger Than Life For The Goodness Of Mankind, I Have Never Asked Or Demanded To Know The Political Affiliation Of Any Of The Over 200 People I Supported To University. I Have Also Not Added Political Affiliation As A Requirement For Enrollment In My Schools.

I Haven’t Because I Care Only About Their Success Which Can Translate Into Prosperity For Ghana ” End Of Story ”

So Therefore If Distributing An Ambulances Bought With Taxpayers Money Should Cost Additional Money To Hold A Mere Fanfare Before It’s Distributed Then The Leader In Question Is Not Big Enough In His Mind! The Ambulances In Question Has Already Been Held Up Since July 2019. What Kind Of Leader Is This? Akufo Addo Is Too Distance From “Trust”

Sad Moment For Ghana.



President Nana Akufo-Addo’s Leadership Lacks Any Impressive Mark After 3-Years In Office – HRH Oscar Yao Doe



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