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HRH Oscar Yao Doe Urges Ghanaians To Throw Their Weight Behind The Lift On Lockdown

Serial Ghanaian business executive HRH Oscar Yao Doe has categorically thrown his weight behind the decision by the government to lift the ban on Lockdown.

He went furthermore to urge Ghanaians to do likewise but to observe the safety measures including the avoidance of social gatherings and more. HRH Doe also showered praises on the frontline workers who are working tirelessly in this period to keep everyone safe.

He has been very vocal on national issues constantly pointing out the flaws and perfections in some of the decisions by the country’s leaders.



For The Record, I His Royal Highness The Most Colourful Oscar Yao Doe Support President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo’s Decision To Lift The Ban On Lockdown. It’s A Good Decision Every Ghanaian Should Throw Their Weight Behind For Our Collective Good.
Please I Am Appealing, Please Let’s Support The Decision. Off-Course If Something Else Not Right Comes Up During This Period We Can Express Our Opinion As Guaranteed in The Constitution.

The Ban On Social Gathering Is Still In Place Even Though It Will Still Hampered A Lot Of People Especially The Religious Organisations But I Am Pleading With Everyone For Our Own Good Sake, In Other To Protect Our Loved Ones Let’s Endured For A While It Shall Pass. The Good News Is That Off Course In Case The Infection Rate Going Higher After This Relaxation Yes The President Can Reimpose The Lockdown For Our Collective Good.

I Wish To Thank All The Frontline Staffs Including Our Security Personnel Even Though Few Of Them Goofed Unnecessary To HARRAS People Many Times, Nonetheless We Still Appreciate Their Sacrifices And Service For Country.

So Yes I Support  Lockdown Ban Lift.
It’s Wise Decision Especially Putting Into Consideration The Structure of Our Economy.
Let’s Keep Social Distancing, Let’s Protect Ourselves With Mask Or Anything Suitable To Cover Nose and Mouth In Public Places. Long Live Ghana.



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