Facebook Got It All Wrong Over My Dancing Nurse Video Post – Oscar Yao Doe

Businessman HRH Oscar Yao Doe has commented on recent development on his Facebook page regarding copyright claim over the viral dancing nurse video post. The Ghanaian millionaire made the post after reports of the nurse being under fire for dancing while at post emerged. He offered to help the nurse with double pay to cover the next ten years.

The post together with his comment went viral across social media most especially on Facebook. But, Showbiz Clout has reported HRH Doe’s post to Facebook for copyright infringement, claiming ownership of the video.

This has therefore led to HRH Doe’s page placed under restricted access by Facebook while an investigation into the claim by Showbiz Clout is underway by Facebook. He confirmed this to us over a phone conversation.

Copyright Claim By Showbiz Clout

HRH Doe has also revealed in his new public post that, first all of Facebook got the whole decision wrong. Secondly, it was a post made to safe the career of an innocent worker he even decided to help should she be fired from her work.

Read his full public post below:

Facebook Hasn’t Been Fair To Me. I Was Genuinely Protecting A Vulnerable Nurse From Professional Bullying And I Even Opted To Double Her Salary In Case She Is Relief Of Her Job. So In Any Case If There Was A Mixed Up About The Particular Video? Where Does The Copyright Falls? Is It An Offence Protecting A Vulnerable Young Nurse From Bullying? Facebook You Got It All Wrong? You Should Have Read The Attachment Article To The Video. The Video Went Viral It’s No One’s Copyright If In Any Case There Was A Mixed Up On Which Is The Actual Video? That Should Not Be An Issue. I Will Continue To Fight For The Vulnerable If It’s Within My Capabilities.

The Video I Was Referring To Is Not Owned By Showbiz Clout It Was a Video That Went Viral Which Generated Public Debate In Ghana On TV, Radio, Social Media, And News Media Including Online. If There Is A Mixed I Think The Context For Which I Posted The Video Is Compatible With Facebook Own Policy Guidelines.  It Falls Within,  I Was Talking About A Nurse Who Was Threatened To Be Sacked By The Ghana Midwife And Nurse Council Because She Danced Twerking While In Uniform. To Me That Was A Professional Bullying Which Facebook Is Against.

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